Welcome To My Quest.

Inspire, Uplift, Encourage. These are the driving forces of my life, and this is the stage from which I hope to achieve those lofty goals.

My life is a quest. No, not to destroy the one ring nor to acquire the Holy Grail; my life is a quest of spirit, to become in flesh that which I truly am (which ALL of us truly are) in spirit. My goal is to realize the union of physical self with highest self, with my source.

The purpose of this blog is to expand upon and manifest those conditions which empower such growth. I began with my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/simplyuplift, and intend to use this forum to go slightly longer-form in the conversation. I invite any and all to visit, and hopefully to benefit from observing my journey. It is my grandest hope that, through my experiences, even one soul may be touched, may feel elevated, may understand the limitless, unconditional love that is theirs for the taking in this universe of endless supply.

So, please stop in occasionally and read a bit. There will be short thoughts, journal entries, and essays. Some may provoke thought, and some will, almost inevitably, provoke disagreement. It is my aim to learn, grow, and expand, not to aggravate or anger.

What I will not be doing, under any circumstances, is hating.   You will find no ire here, only love, for I do not believe that to disagree is dislike. Quite the opposite, actually; I find that people who are to disagree, even vehemently, and still remain close and civil are the most interesting to know. There will be no racist remarks, no gay-bashing, no intentionally divisive conversation. There will be tons of love, acres of inclusion, and bushels of inspiration. I hope you enjoy it.

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