How about trying something new?

I tried something new this week.

Not new as in “never been done in the history of mankind” or “totally new all-herbal diet plan”, but new for me.   I’ve heard about and read about it and understood it on an intellectual level most of my life. I’ve even given it occasional lip service myself, but I’ve never actually DONE it.

What, you ask?  What did I finally do?

I forgave myself.

I forgave myself for my failures. For letting Jacquelynn down (my words, not hers). For letting my employer down. For not living up to my obligations. For judging, condemning, and endlessly criticizing myself and others.

In short, I stopped being an asshole to myself, and it instantly changed my life.

All of a sudden, customers are buying instead of “just looking”. Some outside assistance came together to help catch bills up.

I slept two nights in a row for seven deep, uninterrupted hours.

The sunset blinded me with its incomparable brilliance.

I let go and allowed success in, and it didn’t just enter, it barged in and knocked the door off its hinges.

No ceiling now. Never, as long as I don’t return to judging and punishing myself again.

Yeah. Not again.

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