Opposites Attract









Opposites only exist as judgments. Is it really necessary to quantify things and people in these ways? Does “ugliness” exist without “beauty”? CAN opposites even BE without one another?

Personally, I don’t believe in ugliness. If we’re talking about levels of physical attractiveness, it is a purely subjective opinion, because everyone is lovely to someone.   If the subject at hand is personality, then why are any of us fit to judge? I don’t know your path, and you don’t know mine. We are each and every one of us connected to and part of the whole, whether you call that whole “God”, Universe”, “Tao”, or any of countless adjectives for what is essentially the same concept. Why should the overweight woman or the balding man or the addict or the criminal or any other variation on the limitless theme of humanity be considered differently? We are ALL OF US of the exact same source; we all come from God, and we all return to whence we came.

Beyond the obviously necessary judgments of protecting society from those who would harm others, why must we label and separate?   6’3″ straight Tim is the same as 5’6″ gay Marc. 280lb Caucasian Sarah is the same as 110lb Latino Annie. The same spark of the divine lives in the convict as lives in the pastor. Look to the spark, and recognize it for what it is. Recognize the holy in every soul you encounter, and be not so quick to judge.

This is why my photo isn’t featured in this blog, though it can be found on Facebook and anywhere else you choose to search. Who I am is in these words; not in a picture or a name. What does it matter if I’m a 30-year-old white male or a 63-year-old African American woman? If I weigh 311 or 164? If I’m sitting in a wheelchair or at a desk typing this?

God/Universe/Tao doesn’t care one iota what color your hair is or how many tattoos you have, and neither do I. I love you regardless. You are beautiful in every judgment-free way, and you deserve to be seen that way.

I have vowed to try to live without three key ingredients in my heart, and while I won’t pretend that I don’t occasionally fall back into old patterns, I am making progress, and I am becoming less and less prone to them:




These three habits separate us from our potential and keep us from realizing our true, limitlessly beautiful selves. The rhythms and flows of life’s wonderful energies become bound up in these patterns of behavior and cannot move us forward on our paths when we are tied to the concept of being better or above another. You cannot affect your life in a beautiful way when you are wishing less for another; when you believe you deserve more or better than another. I urge you to divorce yourself from these three debilitating habits and to experience the freedom and joy and instant feelings of connectedness you’ll perceive.

Life is intended to be a glorious, connected, creative experience in which we each determine and consciously design our path. Please don’t let judgments (that is what “prejudice” is: Pre-Judging based upon appearance and assumption) hold you back from that wonderful ride.

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