“For” vs “To”

Semantics? One of my affirmations as I meditate or (more often) when I talk myself down into sleep is “Only beautiful and wondrous things happen for and around me.” Recently, after meditating on this very concept, I changed it to the current “FOR and around me” from the original “TO and around me”.

Now I realize that it seems trivial to make a big deal over one word, but while meditating and using the full “Only beautiful and wondrous things happen to and around me”, I had a bit of an epiphany in regards to that simple word. The sentiment and emotion behind it felt 100% right and helpful, but my tongue and spirit stumbled over that one word, and I couldn’t figure out why.   Then I realized (or was directed to/was revealed to me/was shown; however you prefer to phrase it) that it is much, much more than simply a word: it’s truly and no less than a very profound difference in perspective:

Am I a victim or a creator?

Do things happen TO me? Do I really choose to be no more than a spiritual windsock tossed to and fro in the breeze? Or do I prefer to take on the role of creator and allow God/Universe/Karma/Tao to do things FOR me? Everything that happens is, after all, to my benefit, even when it doesn’t necessarily seem to be so.

So I tried version 2.0, and it rolled off my tongue and through my spirit smoothly and effortlessly. It fit, plain and simple.

So last night, in what Dr. Dyer calls “My Last Five Minutes” (more on this concept in a later post), “I AM constantly attracting the miraculous into my life; only beautiful and wondrous things happen for and around me” repeated gently to myself lulled me to sleep and created wonderful, prosperous, positive dreams. I awoke refreshed and eager to face my day, knowing full well the truth of the affirmations that served as my lullaby.

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