Are food worries really worth it?

I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist.  Get that straight.  I have (a little) common sense though, and I choose to exercise it.

I started writing this in the comments section of an unrelated FB post, but as I don’t know all the players there and they haven’t necessarily invited my opinion. I also had gone a little off topic (contain your surprise please), so I deleted that without sticking my nose in and decided to write a full-on blog post about it.

The spur in my flanks which started it was a comment about peanut butter. Now, it’s no shock to anyone who knows me, but I’m a BIG fan of peanut butter.   Organic only, but Matthew loves him some peanut butter. There was a comment about peanut butter being a “known carcinogen”.   Yes, aflatoxins CAN occur in peanuts grown in certain kinds of soils, if mold is allowed to develop.   Refrigerating organic peanut butter can reduce the chances of mold growth to close to nothing. Big brands are actually less likely to develop it with the extreme processing they’re subjected to. They’re also full of preservatives/emulsifiers/sweeteners/sodium.   Pick your poisons.

Eggs are bad for you. Oh wait, no they’re not. Wine is bad for you. Oh wait, it’s actually good for you. Or is it bad this week? Coffee is bad for you. Until the next week when it’s a healthy antioxidant. Blah blah motherfuckin’ blah.

Personally, I absolutely do not believe that God (or Universe or Tao or whatever name you choose for the ultimate intelligence behind and within everything) put any foods on this earth which will hurt us.   Yes, we’ve changed EVERYTHING about most of the foods we eat and turned them into poisons. We’ve also wrought SO many changes to ourselves through all the shit we eat that countless food allergies and sensitivities have developed over the centuries. Many of us simply can’t eat the natural foods of the earth due to the innumerable deficiencies we’ve created within ourselves.

Myself, I eat organic when I can afford it, I eschew GMOs and HFCS (and all artificial sweeteners). I eat whole wheat breads, grain-fed beef, and antibiotic-free chicken.   And I eat the living hell out of some single-ingredient peanut butter. “Peanuts”, says the ingredient label. Not “sorbitol” or “emulsifiers” or even “salt”. Yes, I have to stir it before I spread it, but so what? And I refrigerate it.   Sometimes.

Oh, and I eat WAY more donuts than I should. Sue me.

You know what though? We attract and create what we focus on. If you spend your every waking hour obsessing over carcinogens and all the possible ways one could get cancer, I’ll pray for you in your chemotherapy, because you’re working awfully hard to create it in yourself. I choose to spend my conscious thought on helping people and happiness. Those are my foci, and guess what? I’m pretty darned happy.   I waste no energy on what may happen, and focus on what I control.

Today, I get to talk to my mom, whom I’m tremendously blessed to have in my daily life though we’re separated by an entire state, and I’m going to try to help my sister diagnose an electrical issue with her truck (again from 100+ miles away). Helping people, and embracing joy. Odds are, I’ll be able to help someone at work, too. Cool by me.

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