The meaning of “Surrender”

“Things will work out the way they’re supposed to.”

This is what many people imagine when they read or hear about “surrendering”. Many of our greatest teachers speak at length about the concept of “surrender” and “allowing”, and the above sentence is what we believe we’re being told to surrender to.

Not quite, but let me lay a little groundwork before elaborating on that point:

You are MEANT to prosper. Suffering and lack are not your natural state. These are conditions you have attracted to yourself via your thoughts and your general state of mind. For example, you may believe that you’re concentrating on prosperity and catching up on your financial situation, when in fact the bulk of your energy is concentrated on your current lack of funds. Rather than focusing on the ability to make your mortgage payment and the gas bill without being late on the car note, you spend your energy on worry and panic and finally resignation to the inability to pay. The stress you feel is your prime indicator of the direction of your focus: if you feel bad, you’re concentrating on the negative, whereas if you’re feeling good, even great, in the face of your current adversity, you’re far more open and receptive to “corrective” energy, and you’re going to attract even more good feelings.

Well-being is your birthright. It is your intended state.

It is your choice.

So, when the concept of surrender is discussed, it is vital that we focus on what we’re surrendering to. I do not surrender to the “fact” that everything will work out as it is “supposed to”, because that leaves the possibility that it is “supposed to” work out in a way counter to my best benefit. Rather, I surrender fully and freely to the pure knowledge that everything will work out in my favor. Your best benefit is never to another’s detriment, either.

In short, Yes. Surrender. Surrender to the complete inevitability of the total fulfillment of your grandest dreams. That is what happens, when you allow it to.

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