Making it up as I go.

I am not this body. My life did not begin with its birth, and will not end with its death.   But while I’m here, a spiritual being on this human journey, I’m going to make the most of it.

And I mean that literally. I MAKE my life. I am the creator of my experiences, as are we all. The difference is learning and accepting this as fact, and becoming a conscious creator rather than living someone else’s reality.

What do I mean by that? How does one “live someone else’s reality”?

To begin, lets examine the term “reality”, and what it means to us. Daily, even hourly, we’re confronted with the admonition to “be realistic” or the defensive version “I’m just being realistic”.   So just who defines “realistic”? To whom have you surrendered the power to decide what’s real for you?

“Reality is reality. It isn’t relative. Reality is defined by measurable scientific methods.”

Poppycock. Your reality is not the sunrise. Your reality is how the sunrise affects you. Just as your reality is not the tragedy, but how you react to it. Does a global catastrophe or a school shooting send you into fits of tears and rage or do you react with love and compassion?   Do you hate and gnash and rail at terrorists or do you reach out and send love to all corners of the world?

Ours is an attractive universe. Yes, it is beautiful in ways which make words difficult, but it is also defined by attraction. You attract that which you radiate.

All that hatred you’re feeling and posting to social media and ranting about at work comes right back to you in countless ways.   You engender more hatred towards yourself and those who join you in your anger; your health suffers as the venom burns away at you from the inside; your potential employers and clients distance themselves from the invective in your posts and photos.

Likewise, if your heart reaches out not only to the victims at home but with love toward the perpetrators (hate the act, not the person), knowing that we’re truly all products of the same source, each a piece of the perfect whole, then that love and understanding is what’s coming back at you a hundredfold.

Every moment of joy you share, every instant of bliss you experience, each hour of peace you live, any act of love you create. They all spread, like ripples in a pond, each added splash creating ever larger waves. And just like in a pond, they all bounce back, interacting and amplifying and multiplying as they go. So that by the time they get back to you, it’s a tsunami of loving, creative energy sweeping your life up in new and unimagined directions.

The REALITY is that you are in complete control of your reality. You decide, through your actions, reactions, and energy, what kind of world you experience.   If you’re trying and trying and still can’t catch a break and shit still keeps piling up and there’s no end to it?   Guess what? There is no end to it, because as much as you want it to end, you don’t expect it to; you don’t believe it ever will.

Plow through the shit. It’s not about the shit. It’s about how you let the shit affect you. Does it pull you down or do you still find joy in spite of it? Is it really just a big pile of shit or is it a gift of really pungent fertilizer for growing the luscious flower garden you’ve always dreamed of?

I apologize for the language and for the cliché overload, but it’s all true. Reality is perspective.

Like I said in my earlier article about surrender, it’s the knowing, not the hoping. Hoping things turn out okay leaves the door open for it to be someone else’s “okay” rather than yours. Knowing that things always work out for your best benefit simply means that they do. Always. For example: I rail and cuss on mornings when my 33 year old motorcycle stubbornly and for no good damned reason won’t start, but deep inside I understand that for, reasons I’ll never know, today was a bad day to ride.

I acknowledge that my reality is uniquely mine, and I do not allow anyone else to define it for me. I am a conscious creator of my experiences, and I accept personal responsibility when I create, through either action or negligence, a “negative” and I take joy in the lesson (hopefully) learned.

I realize that this can all sound very Pie-In-The-Sky, but I promise you that it really is that easy. And that hard. My world is perfect for me in this instant, and I’m creating in each moment a brighter, more enlightened and prosperous tomorrow.

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