A constant message in spiritual discussions is that of ‘connectedness”, but what does that actually mean? To whom or what are we connected and how?

Like with all such questions, answers are largely a matter a matter of perception, and open to endless interpretation, but I’d like to share with you my insights on the subject. I make no claim as to their relevance to your path, but I hope they may prove of use or help to someone.

When I meditate in the mornings, one of the concepts upon which I concentrate (and mantras I use) is that “I Am Harmony”. In my mind, I see that concept as universally inclusive. I am in harmony with all of life; I imagine that I can feel the grass growing, the insects moving through the earth, and the wind in my feathers as I soar above, looking down on myself in everything I behold. I AM the grass, the earth, the insects, and the birds, just as I am every other thing, living and non-living (of course, nothing is really non-living; everything carries energy and vibrates within that field), including every person alive on this world and any other. We are all part of everything else. We are all part of the infinite tapestry that is God.

One morning, while meditating on this very idea, I was inspired by an image of us all as finger puppets on the grand stage; of the vast intelligence of the Universe animating (but not controlling) each and every living being with love and attention to the individual desires and needs of each as well as the overall health and well-being of the whole. In this way were we all connected and harmonized; each self-determining but irreplaceably vital to the entirety of the work. Much like the grasses I mentioned before: individual, seemingly separate blades inextricably linked in a vast web of roots.

This connection can not be severed. We can fail to recognize it or we can consciously refuse to acknowledge it, but we cannot cut it. Some may even intentionally deny this link and act to counter it, but it’s impossible. We all have our purpose.   We can choose to acknowledge our part in the wholeness or not, and that is the choice that really matters; do I live at random, reacting to life as it occurs, or do I chose to live consciously and allow life to happen for me as opposed to perceiving it as happening to me?

It sounds like an easy choice to make, but actually doing so requires a discipline I’ve found to be very trying, especially as I SO wish to change others’ worlds and lives for the better. But who am I to determine “better” for anyone? I can’t know their path, even if I know them personally very well.   The best I can do for anyone is to be the best me I can manage. It does get easier as I go, but I also stumble on my path every day, and will continue to do so, until I don’t . When I no longer expect myself to fail, I will no longer fail. Especially since failure itself is only a perception; I–WE–can no more fail to be a thread in this colossal, epic tapestry than we can choose not to allow our hearts to beat.

As I’ve said here before , I choose to understand that everything happens for my own best benefit. From my phone ringing at an “inopportune” moment to losing a solitaire game on my computer, nothing is insignificant and everything has a reason and an origin in source energy which benefits.

I allow grace to guide my life by being alert to the voice of God in every song lyric on the radio and every ad in the magazine and every billboard along the highway. When something resonates within me as significant, I listen.   When my lovely Jacquelynn handed me a book she thought may interest me and I saw that the author shared a surname with one of my great mentors, I knew I must read it. I don’t yet know the significance of it, but I have faith that it will show itself. It was important enough to send me the message, so I read it, and I know it will eventually matter.

Inevitably, your interpretations and visualizations will differ from mine; we are all as different and unique as we are connected, adding infinite diversity and beauty to the whole. I have no intention of convincing anyone of anything or turning another to my views. I only wish to share my personal insights with the goal and deepest desire to touch and help just one soul. Just one, and my life will be full beyond comprehension.

Thank you.

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