The only thing we have to fear is NOT LIVING

Ride life.

Ride life like an out-of-control tricycle down the steepest driveway in the neighborhood.

You are immortal, after all. You are invulnerable and immune to harm. You cannot die.

We all felt that way when we were tricycle-riding age.   What changed? When did fear of harm and death overtake the fear of not living? When did scraped elbows and mercurochrome become scarier than wasting a nice day indoors?

When did we stop living and start avoiding death?

The death of this body is inevitable and inescapable. It will tire and diminish and pass. But I never will. I am spirit having a human experience, and when this particular journey is complete, I’ll still be spirit, beginning my next adventure. I am infinite and eternal, and so are you.   When we realize this, when we truly understand our limitlessness, then fear of death will have no hold on us.   Death is merely a natural, eventual part of every physical existence, and is our opportunity to see what’s next.   What is there to fear in that?

I was afraid of heights. As a child, when my family visited King’s Island amusement park with its 1/3 scale Eiffel Tower, I was positively terrified of looking over the edge.   When dad took us up in the elevator, I clung to the innermost wall of the observation deck like a sailor lashed to the mast during a storm, and I couldn’t move. Completely immobilized by irrational fear. It was several years later when Jeff Lynn and I climbed to the top of the small barn my dad had built in the back yard and jumped off, using umbrellas as parachutes. Fear overcome in the pursuit of joy. Yes, I twisted the hell out of my ankle and missed 2 weeks of summer fun as a result, but those 3 joyous seconds of fearlessness were more than worth it.   Today, I take every opportunity to observe my world from a higher perspective. I go ziplining when finances permit. My sister and I climbed as far up Devil’s Tower in Wyoming as our complete lack of skill and training would permit. I’ve bungee jumped and still climb every tempting tree I encounter. Skydiving is a bucket list item for me that will not go unfulfilled. Fear overcome in the pursuit of joy.

As I broaden my view and explore my spirituality more and more deeply, I come to realize how much fear has held me back my entire life.   Fear of confrontation, fear of disapproval, fear of pain, fear of loss, fear of loneliness. As I look at the life I’ve led, though, I see that every single moment of purest joy, every instant of bliss, every explosive epiphany has occurred as a direct result of ignoring and overcoming my fear and leaping into the unknown. From fighting off my shyness and finally introducing myself to the beautiful woman on the far side of the room to lifting my feet off the platform and letting gravity take me on my first zipline adventure. Or leaping like a fool off the barn with a $2 umbrella the only thing to slow my plunge.

Let that clutch out and feel the power of fearlessness. Twist that throttle to the stop and LIVE.

NEVER let fear make your decisions for you.

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