F#!@ Ego.

Ego and the lifetime of “failures” it has created tells me to shut up and stick with selling cars. Fulfillment and service are for those born and educated to it; you have nothing unique to offer. Get over yourself and get to the failing, as you and everyone else already know is bound to happen.

Yeah, well…Fuck you, ego. This isn’t about you, this is about getting you out of the fucking way and creating a life in which service and helping people isn’t a dream but a career.   A life in which my sleepy evening affirmations of “I AM an inspired, prolific and successful author.   My books help millions of people.” become truer every day. A life in which ego has no part.

EVERYTHING good and enduring in life comes from getting ego and self-importance out of the picture and asking “how may I serve?”.   I was shown my answer, and I know that this book and those which will follow will touch lives and change lives and help people. That is why I’m here, after all. This task is why I was presented with the challenges I’ve overcome in my life. It is why the scars, both the visible and the hidden, exist. It is Dharma and Destiny and Fate, and I will not fail it.   I CAN not fail it.

So I will write. I will write and I will publish and I will continue to do so. I will follow my path and I will touch lives and I will serve in my way.

So, yeah, fuck ego.

One thought on “F#!@ Ego.

  1. I smiled a ‘knowing’ smile all through this Mathew, from where you now stand at the level of your physical existence & your spiritual awareness, it’s clear that your ego doesn’t stand a chance. I check the ego every single day, and it takes effort, intention and focus to be clear of it’s insidious nature. I work all day as a Spiritual Medium with clients exclusively in America, and like you there is no place for the ego in service to others. I am so pleased to have found you, but then as we know through the life & work of Wayne Dyer a network of Global connections will begin to stretch out for your voice to be heard by the many. It’s time, and the Universe is always opening doors for each of us, when it’s the right time. All the best. Hurry up with that book eh?


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