Just Imagine, won’t you?

Imagine a world where Love is the norm and hatred is rare.   Even the word “hate” is unknown by most people and appears only in ancient texts, seldom even accurately translated.

Imagine the anger we all sometimes feel just not being there.   In its place is compassion and understanding. Resentment never takes hold because we’ve never been exposed to it. Fear? What’s that? Caution, certainly, as you enter a hazardous situation, but fear? Never heard of it.

Just imagine.

Imagine blessing loss as true comprehension of “moving on” replaces the broken hearts we expect in this world.

Imagine no conception of grief. Seeing the very real beauty in what we call death with none of the angst and pain.

Just imagine.

Imagine leaving your belongings in the open because the idea of theft never occurred to anyone. War was never invented. Competition is peaceful and kind-hearted.   Violence is unheard-of.   Differences in complexion, geographic origin, religion, orientation, hair color and accent are embraced as joyous diversity.

Just imagine.

I do. Every day.   I imagine, for what we can imagine, we can create. Imagine with me?

Just imagine…

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