My friends,

I want to begin this first post in too many months with a sincere apology:

I have been absent far too long.  I asked for your attention and participation and I didn’t repay it with my own.  What follows will, I hope, serve as an explanation as well as sufficient apology…

In the fall of 2015, I began noticing troubling behavior and symptoms in someone very important to me.  In the ensuing year, I would become more and more troubled as things seemingly progressed.  Then, last year, my mother fell ill and declined fairly rapidly.  This took me away from home quite frequently last summer, fall and early winter.

The cryptic nature of this post is, for the moment, necessary.  This will pass, I promise you.

Without going into premature detail, those months of running about the countryside from home to home, visiting, worrying, and racking up the miles on my company cars would be my last “free” months for the foreseeable future.

In light of the developments in our lives in those and ensuing months, I have made the decision to repurpose this blog to chronicle our voyage going forward.  I will also be retitling it, as I truly believe that where we are going both warrants and needs a wider audience, and a more focused title will at least help to accomplish that.

So, I am very, very sorry for abandoning you over these last, intense months.  It is with deep love that I implore you to linger here just a while longer.  This voyage is an important one, one which traditional medicine will tell you is impossible.  Ours is a diagnosis for which no treatment or recovery is officially recognized as remotely possible.  It is considered universally terminal, and is among the most terrifying warrants a doctor can serve you.  In the process of this endeavor, we will redefine and show you unimaginable heartbreak, and we will renew and recreate Hope.

To this we call bullshit.  The science has been done, and people are being cured regularly (for which events doctors cry “misdiagnosis” instantly, almost as if they are themselves afraid of the consequences of the term “healed”).  We are journeying determinedly and with unshakable focus toward full health, and we are going to chronicle this journey in real time for the first time ever.  It is our hope and intent that this blog draw sufficient attention to the true healing process that the medical community will have no choice but to stand up and admit that it is not only possible, but happening every day.

Estimates put more than 160 million people on a true and unswerving course for this “disease” by 2050.  Unless medicine embraces a new look and a new process for approaching the concept of “cure”, those 160,000,000 people will die.  Long, slow, terrifying deaths that will ruin far more lives as it destroys and bankrupts families, medicare and insurance companies worldwide.

We’re committed to try and save those lives, and I’m asking you to help.  Please tune in, and, if you find what you read compelling and of value, please, please spread the word.

Thank you.  As always, I will leave the love on for you.