Home Again, Home Again

The drive from Savannah back to Asheville was pretty uneventful, and even at times enjoyable. With Dr. Ross’ approval, I gave Jacquelynn a couple melatonin which seem to have served to take the edge off of the extended drive. There was a huge traffic backup in South Carolina and we jumped off the highway for a break. Stopping at the local tourism office, we met a lovely woman named Joyce, who told us the cause for the traffic delay was a tractor-trailer off the highway into the swamp.   Apparently, the traffic had been backed up for some seven hours by then as they attempted to haul the truck out via crane.  Fortunately, the extremely kind Miss Joyce showed us the way around the backup and had us on the highway and cooking again several hours faster than would otherwise have been the case.

Despite having some difficulty expressing herself, Jacquelynn never got frustrated or impatient, which is quite outside the norm. We had a nice drive to Asheville and once checked into our hotel, returned to the local Whole Foods for dinner and supplies for the remainder of the trip.

The big surprise was the trip back through the mountain pass toward Knoxville. Again, I doubled her melatonin, and the drive through the pass was completely peaceful. No issues or difficulties at all. We drove on for a total of about three hours to our hotel in London, Kentucky, then home the next morning.

Upon arriving home (and pretty much taking Sunday completely off from anything not essential), I set upon preparing us for Jacquelynn’s new protocols. After consulting a local retailer, I ordered her first month of supplements online* (and returned to the store for three I couldn’t easily get online). We spent much of Monday and Tuesday at the three major organic outlets in the area stocking up on groceries.

Dr. Ross supplied me with a full week’s menu and meal plan for what’s called the Mito (for mitochondria) Diet, complete with recipes. I haven’t implemented it fully yet, but I have done the things she insisted upon: Jacquelynn is on a zero grain, extremely low-sugar diet. While fruit is still a staple, the orange juice I’ve been using for our morning slushies is out as it contains far too much sugar. I’ve replaced it with coconut water at the Dr. Ross’ suggestion, and it’s been a hit.

Jacquelynn’s beloved peanut butter and toast breakfast is also 100% out. No grains means no traditional breads, and peanuts are out, as well. Almond butter was suggested, along with paleo breads made with almond flour. While (much!) more expensive, these are also a big hit. I’d been purchasing fully organic breads for some time, of course, but still, going paleo can nearly triple the price. We’ve settled on one available at Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market for about $7, and the almond butter runs from $8-14/lb. But she actually likes it better, thank heaven, so I’m calling that a win. I’ve tried making my own bread from a recipe I found online and designed for a bread machine (I LOVE my bread maker!). It was, to put it mildly, not particularly successful.


I’m going to have to start helping Jacquelynn brush her teeth.   I’ve already been prepping the toothbrush (since I figured out she wasn’t using toothpaste because she couldn’t manage the tube), and she’s missing most of her teeth with the brush now.   I’m nervous about her reaction when I suggest it, but it’s necessary. Poor oral hygiene is a major threat to infection getting through the blood/brain barrier, and we seem to have had enough of that already.

I’m seeing other progressions as well. She’s gotten frustrated with herself several times these last couple of days when she couldn’t find the right word express herself clearly. Today, she forgot that she was supposed to go to lunch with her friend Joyce and when they spoke later, she was nearly in tears over missing it.

Jacquelynn’s heart is more on her sleeve than ever now. This makes her both more vulnerable and more demonstrative. I catch her staring at me and she’s just mooning over me. It’s both very touching and a little unsettling, as well. Sometimes, it just looks like there’s no one home when I see her like that, and that terrifies me.


But I cannot let fear win. I cannot make good decisions from a place of fear.


Only from love can wisdom flow.


*Supplements list:

Resveratrol 100mg

Nicotimamide Riboside 100mg

Polyquinoline quinone (PQQ) 20mg (to increase mitochondrial number)

Ashwagandha 500mg (Twice daily w/meals to reduce amyloid production)

Bacopa Monnieri 250 mg (Twice daily with meals to improve cholinergic function of one of the brain’s key neurotransmitters)

Gotu Kola 500mg (Twice daily w/meals to increase focus and alertness)

Hericium Erinaceus (Lions Mane) 500 mg (To increase nerve growth factor)

Rhodiola 200 mg (For anxiety and stress)

Shankhpushpi (Skullcap) (2X Daily to enhance branching of neurons in the hippocampus)

Guduchi 300 mg (Boosts immune system)

Guggul 350 mg (To remove toxins)

Fish Oil

I’m going to research if I can legally share the Mito Diet information Dr. Ross gave us.  I need to ensure I don’t violate any copyright laws.  If I can, I’ll share it here later.

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