The Bulk Buy

One of the key instruments in our treatment (yes, our treatment; I’m in this with her 100% save for a few of the specifically targeted supplements and of course the meds) is true clean and organic food. Let me tell you that I have never enjoyed every meal like I am enjoying them now. Even though I’m personally cooking EVERYTHING we eat, as we can’t really get carry out to fit in this area. Especially keeping in mind that she’s not allowed any grains or sugar.

So, the food is a lot of work, but it is by-and-large spectacular, if I do say so myself.  I’m a decent cook, and getting better with practice.

It is also horrifically expensive. The best deal I’ve found yet on the grain-free paleo bread for Jacquelynn is $5.99 per loaf, and a loaf is about 2/3 the size of the artisan whole grain loaves of bread we were using before (and I still am). It’s probably a bit less than half the size of a loaf of the garbage brand-name white bread. Of course, she’s also off peanuts and on almond butter. The fresh-ground peanut butter I buy at a chain organic grocery is generally about $1.99/lb. The almond equivalent is $10.99/lb. Store brand frozen chicken breasts average around $7 for a 3.5lb bag in this area, but I pay $4.99/lb for fresh, organic, free-range breasts. Grain-free pasta? Good luck. $12 for a 1lb box.

I promise you this post isn’t about whining. Moving on…

To be clear, I wouldn’t waver from this path now if they came out and told us we could heal her on McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A. But this week, thanks to an article I stumbled across online about what you should and shouldn’t buy at wholesale clubs, we’ve found significant relief for our grocery bill.

Turns out, we never should’ve let our Costco membership lapse several years ago.

The article I read singled out Costco over Sam’s club (where we’ve been members for years) as a mecca for clean eaters, and I can confirm for you all here and now how very true that is. I expect to cut our organic grocery bills by more than a third, and even more if I break down and purchase a chest freezer.

Try just a couple of examples:

Organic almond butter $7.99 for a 3lb jar.

Amy’s Organic Vegan soups: $3.79-4.59/can depending on where you find them, $10 for a 6-can case at Costco.

It continues. From almond-flour pastas to chia-crusted sweet potato crackers to great big bags of organic dried or frozen fruit and an unbelievably tasty organic apple, lemon, mint, and raspberry juice cocktail in a 3L jug for $1.97 (I bought 7 to start with as they have an expiry date of Sept 2018)!

Yes, it’s going to be more expensive eating clean and organic than it was when we were eating more carelessly. I accept that, simply because crap ingredients are cheaper than their non-GMO, pesticide-free, as-nature-intended counterparts. But having found an avenue for at least partial relief of that expense is, to us at least, monumental.

Especially when we keep in mind that the vast majority of the tests and prescriptions (not to mention the doctor) are not covered by most insurance.   This is going to get expensive pretty quickly, and I want to thank Costco and whomever it was who wrote the article I can no longer find about what to buy at wholesale clubs.

I’ve placed a link to the Institute for Personalized Medicine and the Bredesen Protocol on the “About” page of this blog. If you have someone in your life with this diagnosis, or if you’re just legitimately curious, please give it a read. It’s changing our lives, and it’s going to save many, many more as we get the information out there.

When we finally get it truly proven and accepted by the medical community at large, insurance companies will have to cover it, mainstream doctors will stop treating people with limitless life left to them as terminal, and medicine will be forced to cease thinking only of a pharmaceutical “magic bullet” as the sole goal in treatment research.


And 160 million lives will be saved by 2050.


A valid goal, I should think.

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