Consume Mass Quantities!! (of pills)

Well, with most of the labs back and a fair grasp on most of the causes for Jacquelynn’s condition, the doctor wrote her a couple of prescriptions and boosted her supplement intake.

To begin with, her hormone levels were completely out of whack, so she’s been prescribed Estradiol and Progesterone in addition to an herbal supplement called EstroSense, which is designed to support production of key hormones. Also (yes, Terri, you were right about this one) her thyroid, in particular T3, which is a key cognition supporter, were low, and she was prescribed a medicine called Naturethroid, which is apparently facing some production issues. Since that can’t be had at all right now, an alternative was selected and we’re taking it now.

Other than those, everything else Dr. Ross changed was related to specific vitamin deficiencies. For example, Jacquelynn’s been on a daily D3 since March; originally 6000 IU for the first 60 days then 2000 IU daily thereafter. However, her D levels are still quite low, and Dr. Ross has changed her to a drop, to be administered under the tongue, 5 drops daily. We’re still waiting for that one to arrive.   In addition, she put us on a buffered Vitamin C powder (2 grams daily), a 100mg B6, and a sublingual Methyl B12 in 1000mcg (1 daily, and still awaiting shipment), and lastly, a massive “Ultimate E” vitamin E to be taken thrice weekly..

Other supplements added are: a CoQ10, a 600 mg Curcumin (4 daily), a Methyl CPG (a homocysteine balancer and methylizer), and CystePlus, a homocysteine supplement.

So, in the grandest CONSUME MASS QUANTITIES tradition of Beldar and Prymaat Conehead, this raises Jacquelynn’s daily pill count to 35, plus the vitamin C powder and the three-per-day BEG nasal spray. Not an easy task for anyone, and though she’s getting incrementally better every day, a TON to ask of her. But she’s 100% committed to her recovery, and so am I. I do what I can to moderate the burden by breaking several of her dailies down and mixing them into her smoothies. Even doing this, I’ve broken the rest into 6 dosings, approximately 2 ½ hours apart, throughout the day. I would be exaggerating mightily to say she’s enjoying it, but she’s so strong and so committed. She’s handling it without complaint, which is very likely more than I’d be doing if the tables were turned.

Several days into this, I will admit that her emotions are a little bit wonkier than before, which I attribute (right or wrong? Who knows?) to the hormones. I’m quite sure her body will adjust to the increases quickly.   I also note, on a strange but potentially important point, that her hair seems much healthier and is growing thicker and shinier than it has in years. As I’m the one showering her and washing/drying her hair, I noted just this morning how some of the spots that had grown thin were filling in very nicely.   It dries softer and combs more easily than it ever has in the ten months or so I’ve been doing it for her. In my view, this can only be a good sign.

She still struggles occasionally with finding the right words, and is even less patient with herself when this happens than she had been, but that’s because she does feel better, so she naturally thinks everything should be back to normal, and the reminders that we’re not there yet (and still a long way short of it, of course) hurt her deeply. She does recover (I mentioned how very strong she is, right?), but it’s a difficult few moments for her when this happens.

The improvements which I see, many of which I’ve shared with you here, are real and quantifiable. They’re also coming more and more quickly. She’s legitimately excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, and I’ll be decorating this weekend to help elevate the spirit in the house.   When I asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she first just said that she wanted to spend it with me and that was enough. We say this to one another every year, of course, but always end up doing more. When I pressed her just a bit, she stopped and gave the idea due consideration. When she reached a decision, she initially struggled just a little with expressing it.   Finally, she smiled as the right words come to her, and said, “I want to dance with you.”

For the record, I’m no dancer. I have less and poorer rhythm than Elaine on Seinfeld. She used to be quite good, but obviously her physical coordination and muscle tone have decreased strikingly in the last year and change.   But we’re going to take it slow, maybe try a lesson or two, and dance to Christmas music in our kitchen on Christmas Day.

After she opens a couple of presents I’m not supposed to get her.

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