Sunshine On My Shoulders


Yes, that’s honestly the best word to sum up the day. I do have a couple of other relevant adjectives, though.

More. Yeah, that’s a good one.

Radiant. I used that one earlier, and suddenly she was even more so.

So, yeah, Jacquelynn had a terrific day. It started with good energy and just got better as it went.   For starters, all of her pills went down exactly the way you’d want; with no difficulty at all. One took an extra swallow, but otherwise perfect.   Two fun, energetic walks helped, too.   I think the highlight, though, was Joyce’s visit.

I’ve mentioned our neighbor before. Joyce has been Jacquelynn’s best friend for some years now. Having lost her husband to a long battle with cancer recently, Joyce has been dealing with the loss and they haven’t spent much time together for quite a while. So, when I finished repairing the chimes we gave her a couple of months back (she dropped and tangled them pretty badly), I invited Joyce over to show off our Christmas decorations and (covertly) so the two of them could spend a little time catching up.

Joyce spent most of that time gushing to Jacquelynn over how much she’s improved since they last visited. She went down the same list I do, citing so many areas where Jacquelynn is clearly so much better than before. From her thicker and more lustrous hair to the brightness of her smile and the fact that there is, very simply, just so much MORE Jacquelynn behind her eyes than had been the case for so long.

It’s 100% true, by the way. Maybe today, especially, but it’s been increasing gradually for some time, and she was truly radiant today, and Joyce saw it.

When Joyce left after half an hour or so, Jacquelynn was even bouncier and happier than she was when she got out of bed. We immediately went for a walk before I made lunch, and she asked me if it was time for her pills yet. Yes, she asked for her pills.

It was only one day, I know, and I promise I’m nowhere near figuring we’re “there” yet. But it was an outstanding day, and I’ll bloody well take every one of those I can get.


And so will she.

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