…Two Steps Back

When we got Jacquelynn started on the ReCoDe protocols, Dr. Ross made it abundantly clear to us that this was a lifestyle change, not a temporary treatment. The diet is permanent and inflexible; organic ONLY, no added sugars, and no chemical additives, and of course ZERO artificial GMO “foodstuffs” (that very term should frighten you; when did food become foodstuffs?).

The supplements she’s on are also key and must stay at consistent elevated levels in the body. This weekend drove home how vital this element is.

I’ve mentioned here before that, with the goal of alleviating the burden of taking SO many pills, I serve Jacquelynn two smoothies each day, each with eight capsules broken into it. Well, I was feeling a bit under the weather for a couple of days, and for two days I failed to make her evening smoothies, which obviously cost her a total of sixteen pills over the course of those two days.

Difficulties began surfacing for Jacquelynn after the first missed (Friday evening) smoothie. She felt slow and complained of feeling as if she were perhaps ill. We even discussed the possibility of going to the emergency room. But she had no pain and no fever. I checked her urine for the tell-tale cloudiness of an infection, and it was thankfully clear. Her symptoms worsened, though. From reduced physical coordination evident in simple things like brushing her teeth and climbing the stairs to levels of difficulty taking her pills reminiscent of two months back. She evidenced a more childlike problem with the mechanics of swallowing the pills, even getting confused between putting the pill in her mouth and forgetting what she was supposed to do next. It wasn’t until late Saturday evening, as things got worse and I had missed that evening’s smoothie as well, that I began to put two and two together. I realized what had happened too late to do anything about it then, and apologized to her as earnestly as possible. I feel as though I’ve failed her in every way. I have one responsibility, and that is her care, and I’ve let her down. It honestly feels, in a few ways, as if missing those pills set her back a month or more. We now have significant ground to make up, but as we’re fully back on track, she’s recovering those lost faculties quickly.

It is with deep gratitude that I embrace the lesson evident here, and within that lesson, I have taken further steps to ensure that none of her meds are ever missed again, and have further vowed greater care and vigilance in her recovery. Today we begin a modified exercise routine designed to get her heart rate up, which (according to Dr. Ross and tons of anecdotal evidence) offers commensurate rewards in feelings of sharpness and elevated mood.

I spent much of Saturday night and Sunday morning wallowing in self-rapprochement and hatred. Now, I know full well that those emotions serve precisely no one, and I swore them off with my renewed vows of vigilance. I apologized one last time and will not look back again save in ways that are truly constructive and helpful. We are back on track and will make up lost gains as quickly as we may.

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