Yes, friends, it has become necessary for even the proudest and most stubborn of us to reach out for help.

Today I posted a plea to GoFundMe.com to help allow me to remain home and minister to Jacquelynn for a bit longer.  Otherwise, I will soon be forced to return to work and leave Jacquelynn home alone.

Don’t get me wrong: I honestly miss working.  More down time, for one thing.  But, to put it as directly as I can, Jacquelynn simply isn’t safe on her own yet, and to leave her alone is just too dangerous.  Almost worse would be leaving her in “medical” care, as their training and instincts would likely run counter to the protocol which has brought her so far, and I can not and will not risk setting her back or, worst, destroying all the progress she’s made.

So, if you’re able to help, we are hugely grateful.  If not, please share the link and disseminate it as best you can.


Thank you all so much.  I promise I’ll have a new post here soon to update you on our search for a new physician for Jacquelynn!



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